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Page to collect links related to the podcasts on the Ramola D Reports video channels at Youtube, Bitchute, Vimeo. Need to Know Report No. 4: California Fires: DEWs, Lasers, Agenda 21? Dec 16, 2017 Dr. Ed Spencer, retired neurologist and … Continue reading

Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network Sounds the Alarm on Sevengate, Satanist Crime Syndicate: Planning Nuke Attacks?

–Ramola D/Posted 1/15/2018 Sevengate, a Satanist Crime Syndicate Targeting Humanity In a vibrant podcast conversation last night (1/14), Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network takes us through a dizzying array of clues and covert communications left on our doorstep by the … Continue reading

Let’s Make 2018 Count as the Year of Fully-Intentioned Change

Dear friends: I know, it’s a few days past Jan 1, but I wanted to pause to wish everyone a bright and beautiful New Year–and thank all those who have stopped by to read, watch, donate–please know your funds are … Continue reading

Unwarranted/Restore the Fourth Thanksgiving Newsletter: Action 1: Call on IBM to not bid on “extreme vetting” software contract

From their website, Restore The Fourth “is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation, dedicated to restoring the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and ending unconstitutional mass government surveillance. In the wake of the Snowden revelations of June 2013, and initially on … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Reports Neuro-Hacking, Hive-Minding, Brain-Cloning, Bio-Robotizing: Secret, Illegal, & Profoundly Inhumane US Govt. Neuro-Experimentation, Classic CIA Torture

—Ramola D/Posted 10/14/2017 Part I: The Colonizing of the Human Brain – The Voice to Skull Program: Classic CIA Torture Chris Burton was the founder of two Silicon Valley IT staffing and consulting companies and an art gallery for local … Continue reading

Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: Emergency Red Alert—Lives in Danger Globally Post the Deadly Grenfell Tower Fire, Satanic Ritual #SevenGate Crime Network Must Be Shut Down!

Ramola D/Posted 6/18/2017 In the wake of the recent horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London, this worldwide Crime Alert comes today from Soulutionaries Media Network founder Seven, musician/music producer, concept innovator, and original inventor of many popular and successful TV … Continue reading

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Latest News & Notes: July 14, 2017 Earlier News & Notes: Feb 18, 2017 Feb 1, 2017 Intro’ing this Page: Dec 26, 2016 *** July 14, 2017 Thanks So Much For Your Donations! Thanks so much for your donations which … Continue reading

How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, & Globally

How Secret Policing With Deadly, Mis-Named “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US: Secret DoD/DoJ Memos, Targeting “Domestic Adversaries”(“Targeted Individuals”), Permitting Non-Consensual Experimentation, & Bending International Law This article continues the discussion in the article posted here … Continue reading

2016 BRAIN Initiatives: Neuro Crime, Neuro Warfare, DARPA/CIA Brain Experimentation, Neuro Ethics, and Non-Consensual Experimentees

The Decade of the Brain, Decade of the Mind, Decade of Neuroscience: While we hear occasionally of stellar advances in neuroscience in the mainstream press that promise new abilities and potential to the mentally or physically disabled, less is heard, … Continue reading

Kris Anne Hall cites Patrick Henry: “These are the Implements of War, of Subjugation.”

Update 1/29: Ron Johnson of Stranger Than Fiction News has posted a brief Youtube video questioning the veracity of the “unedited” FBI video released (referenced below). (Thanks to Jean of C0-Creating Our Future On Planet Earth for (re-)posting this video.) … Continue reading