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Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE to All PUBLIC CEASE & DESIST to Karen Melton Stewart PUBLIC AFFIDAVIT Regarding “NSA Whistleblower” Karen Melton Stewart and her endless targeted smear and lie campaigns against Ramola D, as also against many others 28 December, 2020 This … Continue reading

False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Report | Ramola D | Jan 20, 2021/ Updated Email PDF Including Other Unearthed Emails, Jan 23, 2021 For over a year now NSA Retiree & Apparent Blackhat Karen Stewart has aggressively been publishing outright lies, false claims, false allegations … Continue reading

Vicious Lies, Libel, Inversions, Character-Assassination: Is Karen Stewart a “TI Leader” or a Covert Fusion Center Operative?

The vicious nature of Karen’s lies about me have caused grievous harm — as have the lies she has published about Amy Rayboun, Galina, Barbara Hartwell, Cassandra, Alex and others. She has however taught me–in the current context of the gigantic COVID hoax–how the entire construct of the ABC agencies, departments of US government, media outlets has been and is being built on lies. It’s possible you need to have a high deception quotient to even join one of these agencies. Karen Stewart has this in spades. Continue reading

“Here we go again”: Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Essays Goebbels as She Entrenches in her Targeted Smear Campaign With Continuing Lies On Ramola D

Ramola D | Report | Sep 24, 2020 Recently, right after CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell reported that an article of hers on her own website had been taken down, then reposted it, events I marked in a series of tweets, … Continue reading

Targeted Harassment and Hateful Conduct: Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart Found Guilty By Twitter of Violating Rules Against Hateful Conduct

Report | Ramola D | Oct 3, 2020 In the extraordinary case of ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart running nonstop defamatory attacks on several at social media sites Facebook and Twitter, including this writer, as reported in multiple earlier articles here … Continue reading

Karen Melton-Stewart is Engaged in Targeting Crimes Against Others & Is Publicly Asked Once More to Cease & Desist Her Public Lie & Smear Campaigns, Upheld by Twitter, Facebook, and Activist Post

Notification, Report, Cease & Desist | Ramola D | June 12, 2021 It has been brought to my attention this morning that Karen Stewart, who poses to the world as a NSA Whistleblower, who succeeded in deceiving me, as a … Continue reading

“NSA WHISTLEBLOWER” Ex-NSA KAREN STEWART DISCREDITS HERSELF: The @RobertSau Account, Pruriently Titled “Ramola’s Sphincter”

Report, Originally Posted in the Statement on Karen Stewart | Ramola D |6/3/2020 Just recently discovered by a friend and sister activist, NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart’s alias Twitter account, @RobertSau, which she has pruriently titled “RamolasSphincter” and used for the … Continue reading


Notes on Past &  Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes RAMOLA D | STATEMENT ON NSA WHISTLEBLOWER KAREN MELTON STEWART January 2, 2020 | Latest Update 4/10/2021 (Pl. scroll down) I am making this statement … Continue reading

Newsbreak 38: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Recommends Informing Judge Trenga Further on the Unconstitutionality of the Terrorist Watchlist

— Ramola D | Posted 9/13/2019 In a brief conversation yesterday at Ramola D Reports, NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart recommended that all Americans who suspect they are being watchlisted by reason of experienced community policing or Neuro/DEW Targeting contact Judge … Continue reading

BREAKING: Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart Caught Out in Running Targeted Smear Campaign on Genuine Whistleblowers Exposing Fusion Center Targeting Crimes

Report | Ramola D | September 20, 2020 In an extraordinary turn of events illustrating how “the dregs of society” inhabiting Law Enforcement, Security & Intelligence agencies operating out of fusion centers (or apparently, out on their own in COINTELPRO … Continue reading