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American Common Law 101, Nov 18, 2021 | The American States Assemblies & How To Correct Your Status to Become a State National or State Citizen & Why That’s Important

Repost of Video with Links and Note | Ramola D | November 22, 2021 Great video presentation (video link below) on what citizenship in the United States means, what 14th Amendment Citizenship is, how Americans — as also citizens worldwide … Continue reading

American States Assembly | Links, Podcasts, Information

Updated Sep 18, 2022 | Posted March 4, 2022 The American States Assembly is the coming together of the living people of the original united States of America on the land of America, in land and soil American common law … Continue reading

Restoring America

Portal Page | Ramola D | Updated August 4, 2023 | Updated April 2, 2022 | March 4, 2022 This is a portal page to two gateway pages for information on the Restoration of America efforts by the American States … Continue reading

Anna von Reitz | The Plan?

Re-post | Anna von Reitz | Source: | April 15, 2020 I keep getting people asking me what the plan is?  The Plan was set forth by our ancestors, and what we are doing now, is recognizing how far afield … Continue reading

Anna von Reitz: Deny the Crooks Jurisdiction Over You and Destroy Their Power

Re-post from | Ramola D | April 14, 2022 Wednesday, December 30, 2015 Deny the crooks jurisdiction over you, and destroy their power. by Anna Von Reitz I get dozens and sometimes hundreds of letters, messages, emails, etc. from … Continue reading

Live Free

Links for research | Ramola D | May 21, 2022/Updated May 23, 2022/Updated July 28, 2023 Links below (scroll down): Books & Websites | Articles to Read| Live Free–Other Information to Examine July 28, 2023: This is a page (first … Continue reading

Words on a Non-Existent Virus, Transhumanism & Freedom from Anna Marie Riezinger: NOTICE OF STATUS INVESTIGATION AND LIABILITY

Repost from | Ramola D | July 4, 2021 Anna von Reitz reports that this June 29 post of hers has been banned on Facebook and asks that people share it widely. “The excuse for banning this information and … Continue reading

Report 292 | Anna Von Reitz & Teri Kealoha Sahm | Update on American State Assemblies & the US Raj

Video Report & Links | Ramola D | September 23, 2022 While news of inflation, economic collapse, authoritarian digital ids, and endless fabricated pandemics to come dots the seascape of Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction peopled by pirates the world over–led apparently by … Continue reading

Physicians for Informed Consent finds the Unvaccinated are Healthier | California Lawmaker Buffy Wicks Pulls Repressive Vaccine Mandate Bill After Concerted Opposition

Report | Ramola D | April 4, 2022 Democrat newbie lawmaker in California, Buffy Wicks, has pulled her repressive vaccine mandate bill AB 1993 from further address on March 30 in the state legislature on concerted opposition from numerous health … Continue reading

Wolf at the Door and in September Skies, Plus a 44-Year Deadline: Anna von Reitz Recommends Americans “Return to the Land” at Speed and Reclaim Birthright Assets

Report with Links | Ramola D | September 3, 2022 In a series of recent posts at her website, and in her recent webinars, Anna von Reitz has been proffering some major information that may help awaken people in America–and … Continue reading