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Philippe Carlot/RTBF.Be | Doctors Think She is Mentally Ill and Deprive Her of Her Baby: A Mother Takes Erasme Hospital to Court

Re-Post of Article Published by RTBF.Be Nov 18/2019 | Posted Dec 8/2019 Les médecins pensent qu’elle est folle et la privent de son bébé: une mère attaque l’hôpital Erasme en justice (Please scroll down for translation of article in English … Continue reading

Dr. Katherine Horton’s Lies, Libel, Slander, and Smears Page Targeting Ramola D:

Report & Listing of Links | Ramola D | June 25, 2021 Not heeding Cease and Desists, refusing to take down her massive slander, “Dr.” Katherine Horton has opened herself to continued and permanent exposure of her serious crimes of … Continue reading

Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on Erasme Medical Kidnap as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on the Subject of What Transpired at Erasme Hospital, October 18, 2017 onwards, in the Medical Kidnapping of Ms. Melanie Vritschan’s Newborn, as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday … Continue reading

Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation

Ramola D | Posted 7/23/2020 “You have received the kind of vicious slander online reserved for Intelligence agency whistleblowers.” — Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower, to Ramola D In the past three years in particular, I have become the target of … Continue reading

Dr. Katherine Horton ( Runs Smear Campaigns

Setting the Record Straight & Clearing My Name | In Reference to “Dr. Katherine Horton”‘s False-Claim, False-Reality-Construct Smear and Defamation Campaign Page at Her Website, displaying Strategized, Entrenched Misframing & a False-Reality Construct Falsely Claiming I “Lobbied,” Stalked, … Continue reading

Erasme Hospital (Brussels, Belgium) and the Juvenile Court Re-Traumatize Baby Amethyst Vritschan By Abruptly Removing Her to a Children’s Home

–Ramola D/Posted 2/19/2018 Sending shock waves around the world, Erasme Hospital and the Juvenile Court acting in the case of newborn Amethyst Vritschan, teamed up this past week to re-traumatize 3-month-old Amethyst Vritschan by removing her once again from her … Continue reading

Newborn Baby Amethyst Traumatically Separated from Mother Still Being Held via Abusive Psychiatry in Erasmé Hôpital, Brussels, Belgium

–Ramola D, with reports from Melanie Vritschan and Dr. Katherine Horton/Posted 12/21/2017 Amethyst Vritschan, the newborn baby daughter of Melanie Vritschan–world-renowned human rights advocate, founder of the avant-garde human rights group ICATOR, International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotization … Continue reading

The Consequences of Infiltration

–Ramola D/Posted June 7, 2019 The Consequences of Infiltration in Human Rights “Targeted Individual” Activism against the combined High-Tech, Stealth-Tech War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of Surveillance Abuses involving Remote Electronic Torture by Intelligence Agencies and Fusion Centers, Non-Consensual, … Continue reading

ICATOR Founder Coerced into Psychiatric Mother-and-Baby Clinic in Brussels on Open Threat of Losing Baby to Foster Care

–Ramola D/Posted 12/22/2017 Founder of ICATOR, the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotization of Living Beings, Melanie Vritschan, mother of 2-month-old infant Amethyst Vritschan who has been held in Erasme Hopital in Brussels, Belgium for over 60 days … Continue reading

Need to Know Report No. 2: Spotlight on Psychiatry Subverted/Amethyst Vritschan Still Held by Erasme Hopital After Blatant Misdiagnosis of Mother

–Ramola D/Posted 12/4/2017 Melanie Vritschan, human rights advocate and founder of ICATOR, reports that her baby Amethyst Vritschan is still being held in the NeoNatology unit of Erasme Hopital, and that a new court order from the Youth Court or … Continue reading