NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – Your Tax Dollars and FISA Abuse

Did you know, your tax dollars are being used to create a class of citizens to be horribly abused? The are called “Targeted Individuals” and they are being wrongfully and illegally tortured and murdered for profit in every community in the USA. “That can’t happen in America!”? Well, it can and it is. Wake up!

With the infiltration of Federal government by Military Industrial Complex (MIC) contractors, a deceitful plan was created to put the country in a constant state of war for continued profit from tax dollars for “Homeland Security” – a giant cash cow for the Feds down to amateur private security businesses galore that are popping up everywhere, run by incompetents and amoral bullies.

According to several Federal whistleblowers, 9/11 was indeed an “inside job”. Leaders in the Federal government, MIC, Security Industry, Big Pharma, D.A.R.P.A., Medical companies, high tech companies researching “mind control” and “transhumanism” (making people into robotic slaves), etc. saw a way to profit long term from a fraudulent constant state of threat, so they murdered almost 3,000 people on 9/11 as a false flag to get the ball rolling. Thus, unconstitutional laws and secret misinterpretations of laws were used to create the Fusion Centers, where Feds and local law enforcement liaise to collect and act upon information. But there simply was no threat large enough to support such an effort, so a threat was created… that threat is YOU, your neighbor, you mom, dad, son, daughter… yes, the American citizen minding his own business, working hard to survive was declared THE THREAT.

Fusion Centers are in the business of falsifying secret accusations against unsuspecting, innocent individuals, secretly slandering them to the gullible community and authorities as terrorists, pedophiles, traitors, and anything else they can fabricate, often getting them ostracized, blackballed, fired, shunned, harassed, bankrupted, beaten up, made homeless, arrested for yet more false allegations and imprisoned in for-profit prisons, or falsely committed to for-profit mental health facilities of Fusion Center “partners”. Police are told to butt out or help attack the bewildered and innocent person. And they do!

Military grade, high tech weapons of war, like those that were used on American diplomats in Cuba are being “tested” on them and anyone near them. Also gasses and poisons are permeating your neighborhoods to see “how effective they are” for the Military Industrial Complex.

Tell the authorities to stop this fraudulent, illegal war on innocent Americans and shut down the Fusion Centers and arrest the traitors within them, those running them, and working for them as covert, mercenary stalkers, torturers and murderers in this wholly contrived “War on Terror”!!!

Karen M. Stewart, retired NSA Intelligence Analyst.

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