NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart – Murder-for-Hire Town

Is Tallahassee (FL) a murder-for-hire town, full of sociopathic, mercenary organized stalkers just waiting for a contract kill to make a little beer money? According to one Tallahassee resident, a retired National Security Agency employee and graduate of Florida State University, Karen Stewart, yes, beneath the now extraordinarily thin veneer of decency and southern hospitality, Tallahassee has devolved into that exactly, with the help of the Federal government.

This resident calls herself the best known, unknown person in Tallahassee. Her father’s family moved to Tallahassee in the 1920’s and her family has served in state and city jobs as well as private business here, many old-timers will remember Melton’s upholstery shop owned by her grandfather and will remember her father not only as a football player on FSU’s first football team and her mother as the person who won the contest to name FSU’s band, the Marching Chiefs, but have benefited from her father’s tenure as an honest, by the book deputy director of Florida General Services for many years.

Ms Stewart graduated from FSU in 1979 and went to work for the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1982. At the 28 year point in her career, however, she was fired for what she claimed in her Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuit against the NSA was “unjust cause”, in fact she alleges NSA was in criminal violation of the Federal No Fear Act which guarantees the right of Federal employees to file EEO or IG complaints without fear of reprisal and her termination was exactly that . Succinctly put, Ms. Stewart wrote a six month series of intelligence reports that supported Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) (2003) that exposed an unknown danger in the form of Russian GPS jammers secretly and illegally sold to the Iraqis to thwart American precision weaponry. Undiscovered, this could have lead to the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians and even American military during the invasion, so she and the team of people her reports thrust into a special program, succeeded in defeating the secret countermeasures and made OIF a singularly successful mission with a minimum of casualties.

However, her Office Chief, the head of NSA’s Weapons & Space, had tried to shut down her efforts because he and other cronies had wanted OIF to be a political fiasco for President Bush. Her technical partner, a former marine, helped her make her case to Pentagon Officials for the release of the intelligence reports. After the smoke had cleared and kudos and awards were given out, a promotion board member informed Ms Stewart that her Office Chief had purposely miscredited authorship of her seminal work to the office floozy to get her promoted for sexual favors to not only him, but other male managers in the Weapons & Space Directorate.

When Ms Stewart asked the NSA Inspector General (IG), George Ellard, to investigate, instead, she found herself viciously attacked and slandered by NSA Security trying to cover up the theft of her work and ensuing double promotion for that body of work by the guilty parties within Weapons & Space. Secret, false accusations of wrong-doing spurred slander campaigns and abusive polygraphs meant to give her no opportunity to pass them. She was hounded and harassed, stalked and falsely maligned to coworkers and eventually to local police in Maryland as a first step in getting police liaisons to engage civilian vigilante stalkers into a vicious campaign against her as a means to gaslight and fire her illegally. Why such an insanely rabid reaction to a simple quest to get the proper credit and the promotions given for her work? It has taken years for Ms. Stewart to put it together, but she has concluded that the branch floozy was in actuality an NSA Security Group “mole” sent for the very purpose of compromising multiple mangers in NSA’s W&S through forbidden sexual liaisons. W&S is one of the most technologically advanced directorates and the secrets contained in that directorate could well be worth millions to people with the knowledge of where to find foreign agents in the Washington DC area, like NSA Security would have. According to a recent release by well-known NSA whistleblower, Russell Tice, NSA Security – Q Group, is focused on blackmail, not blackmailing foreign enemies, blackmailing Americans: politicians, military elite, businessmen, etc. And if one were a turncoat, seditionist, traitor what better organization to infiltrate and turn, than the watchdog organization of NSA, NSA Security. Simply put, Ms. Stewart had stumbled across NSA Security group wholesale compromise of American secrets by the planned sexual compromise of NSA leadership, she had to be discredited and destroyed. Thus, she was fired in late 2010 for fraudulent cause – the only “cause” very difficult to challenge according to Federal regulations, a spurious charge of “mental illness” completely unsupported by her history of unblemished psychological evaluations and tests throughout her 28 year career. The basis of this charge was Ms Stewart’s complaint about NSA Security personnel stalking and harassing her from 2006-2009 due to her IG complaint, with some personnel too dimwitted to remember to remove their badges making it obvious NSA Security personnel and contractors were the culprits. Outside psychological sources supported Ms Stewart as more than fit to hold her Top Secret clearance but those experts were ignored just as all her psychological tests well within the normal range were ignored and she was fired to cover up for NSA Security moles.

In 2011, Ms Stewart moved back to Tallahassee and had no problems until early 2015, when she asked the lawyer representing her in her EEOC lawsuit to subpoena more damning evidence against NSA and their viciously criminal behavior contrary to their charter and the Constitution. NSA stepped up to illegally block the subpoena and sent NSA representatives along with other Federal dupes to Tallahassee, Florida – according to Leon County Sheriff’s deputy Canon, for a supposed “Secret Exercise”. Canon related that Sheriff’s deputies had met and escorted this collection of Feds at a private airport then escorted them through town in their Humvees to the Phipps Property just north of Lake Jackson. It was around this time that Ms Stewart noticed the very same type of stalking harassment activity, to include initial photo stalking to facilitate familiarizing a group of people with their target, that she had endured in Maryland. Apparently, NSA lied to associated Feds and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) about Ms Stewart being some kind of “threat to the nation” or “threat to the community” because of the subpoena and the FDLE engaged their civilian vigilante group, “Infragard” to stalk and harass Stewart for unknown purpose, but presumably ostensibly to “render extrajudicial justice” for some fabricated offense by Stewart, which is of course a wholly and totally forbidden abuse of power in blatant violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.

After months of 24/7 harassment by gullible, emotionally retarded, unsophisticated, hillbilly halfwit proxy stalkers, apparently NSA decided that if they could not intimidate her into dropping her EEOC lawsuit that revealed not only NSA Security criminality but NSA Security treasonous activity, that NSA would use the FDLE contacts with the Tallahassee criminal underworld to put a contract out on Ms. Stewart so that she would be killed before her case could be heard by the EEOC and NSA Security treason and traitors revealed.

NSA, then apparently lied to the Naval Security Group (aka “Silent Warriors”) co-located at Ft. Meade, MD about the need for NSA to “borrow” military technology commonly referred to as “Directed Energy Weapons” or “Energy Weapons” or “DEW”s for their fraud secret exercise. In late November 2015, NSA and likely the FBI sycophants who had for months refused to investigate Ms Stewart’s complaints of illegal harassment by NSA operatives and affiliates, began using these weapons against her and her family in their home under cover of the night. The very first night it was used, an electrical field or wave of such force that it fried the oven and microwave digital displays, was sent through the house. Within 3 days, this exposure killed her cat and began making she and her family, ill. With NSA having placed minicams in the neighborhood and bribing neighbors to put up NSA operators to do this dirty work, (then turning it over to certain sociopathic, mercenary neighbors) calls to the police for help were futile since the cameras allowed the perpetrators to turn down or off the offending and potentially lethal devices before the police arrived so that the police would give their complaints no credence.

The purpose of the Feds such as NSA, DOJ, CIA, FBI, etc. using DEWs and vigilante “useful idiots” against American civilians is to murder “inconvenient” people of integrity who can expose the entrenched rot within a turncoat Federal government. Exposure to Directed Energy Weapons over time can induce heart failure and other lethal maladies that can be attributed to “natural causes” by a none too sharp or honest local coroner. To speed up the death of an inconvenient citizen, such as Ms. Stewart who refuses to concede her Constitutional Rights to the tyrants destroying America, NSA eventually farms out these devices to neighbors and also to various networked criminal gangs who are assigned to follow her any and everywhere she goes for a chance to expose her (and anyone near her) to these devices and never let her body heal and regenerate so that her cumulative exposure kills her as quickly as possible, like radiation exposure.

The added impetus to the criminal degenerate neighbors and depraved, subhuman stalkers is the faster she dies, the sooner their pay day. And it is your tax dollars that enable this Federal anarchy – the undermining of law and order, the corruption of local officials, the encouraged and induced depravity and inhumanity of your neighbors and fellow citizen into forming a secret thug army, who will at the drop of a hat (a Federal hat full of tax dollars or “goods and services”) see anyone the Feds target as lucrative prey, with no questions asked. Thanks to the corrupting influence of a criminal Federal government and a compliant or complicit State and local government, you have no civilization anymore but rather are sitting on a powder keg of deadly and rabid anarchy bubbling up just under the surface that can be unleashed on you at any time without warning.
So what if Tallahassee is a murder-for-hire-town, right?

Karen M. Stewart, NSA Accidental Whistleblower

Sent to Julie Meadows-Keefe, City of Tallahassee “Ethics Officer”, who blew it off without investigation.


Note: Tallahassee merely represents the wholesale betrayal of almost every town and city in the U.S. for easy “Fusion Center money”.  America has a big cup of shame to swallow.

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