NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – Letter to Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017

Attorney General Pam Bondi,

Dear Madam,

I and other, law-abiding, innocent citizens of Florida are writing to you to remind you that the State of Florida has just as solemn a duty to protect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for its citizens as does the Federal government. When the Federal government fails its duty to do so, or is actually engaged in a betrayal of that solemn duty, whether from gross negligence or from actual premeditated conspiracy to deny citizens their Constitutional Rights, then it falls to the states to uphold the Constitution, even to arrest those engaged in criminal and treasonous behavior “under color of law”.

I and many other Floridians have found ourselves victims of the Department of Homeland Security Watch List Scam, as carried out by F.B.I. Fusion Centers, created as private entities in order to avoid government accountability and citizen scrutiny through Freedom of Information Act requests and equally to avoid State laws such as the Florida Sunshine Act that would uncover anomalies indicating criminal deceit and conspiracy being committed by and through the Fusion Centers.

The scam is to secretly load the Watch List with as many (innocent) people as possible, secretly declare them terrorists without Constitutional Rights based on the NDAA and PAA, then secretly take out lucrative contracts on them with the highest bidders in the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and Medical Research Fields as “human test subjects”. Quite unbeknownst to the victims of course, as are any fraudulent charges against them bandied about by Fusion Centers, law enforcement, Fusion Center-led Infragard vigilantes (mercenaries paid under-the-table by Lockheed Martin/William Patrick Cox Home Franchise) and complicit F.B.I. – once again engaged in warring against the American people as they did during the 1960’s and 1970’s when the Senator Church Committee investigated COINTELPRO, and found it to be F.B.I. covertly and viciously committing crimes against law-abiding citizens who supported Women’s Rights and Civil Rights.

I would remind you that the government of Iceland not long ago deported a small army of F.B.I. agents who had entered the county fraudulently to engage in a covert hacking plot in order to frame Julian Assange for crimes they knew he had not committed.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow government in any of the three branches to secretly accuse, frame, harass, torture, or murder American citizens. Yet, the Department of Homeland Security would bamboozle gullible, weak-minded or weak-willed state officials to believe that it can do just that. According to Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison, any law that is contrary to the Constitution is void. According to Norton v. Shelby, enforcing a non-Constitutional law does not provide immunity from liability or arrest.

Yet, under your nose, DHS through the Fusion Centers and Infragard, and some blatantly criminal gangs under their auspices, are aiding and abetting the vicious slander, 24/7 stalking and harassment campaigns by a literal secret army of proxy-stalking civilians, designed to intimidate, terrorize, silence, and portray victims as “paranoid and delusional” in order to discredit them, isolate them, and even signal to complicit law enforcement who to throw to the wolves, as was done to Myron May – who was targeted by a pedophile ring in Tallahassee, that went into State government, which feared exposure.

Victims are then subjected to one or a combination of several protocols uncovered thus far:

a) Illicit medical chipping networks to convey pain and damage to their bodies to either outright torture them or experiment in creating damage and disease, supposedly to better understand how to create lucrative cures for people with such afflictions or injuries. This can be to the lethality of the victim and has been designated by the Pentagon in at least a torture level protocol 1-5;

b) The gassing, poisoning of someone to lethality to develop weapons of war and assassination, with some toxins designed to interact with specific DNA to a person, family, or race. Often toxic molds are also employed;

c) The use of myriad types of (mobile) Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), which are the lethal war version of (pseudo) “non-lethal” weapons now proliferating throughout law enforcement for “crowd control”. Many ex-military now in law enforcement can attest to the use of such horrific weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Contact P. David Gaubatz, ex-military security in Ferrum, Virginia for verification davegaubatz@gmail.com )

Their affects can be from creating a sickening, debilitating, or damaging affect like those used in Cuba on Canadian and American diplomats (likely by CIA to sabotage relations), many of whom were diagnosed with brain damage, to the overt and horrific burns and charring of human flesh seen in our forays into the Middle East “to fight terror” and the ease with which our military used them there… before declaring we already had them ready for war long ago from using them on innocent Americans. So the charade continues:


d) The use of chemtrails, nano-dust, and morgellons to poison humans and any and all surrounding biological entities and the environment itself, for purposes of studying the potential of future wholesale human eradication/depopulation by UN mandate, and the increased efficacy of using DEWs in an atmosphere rich in nanoparticles or in a human body full of them (more deadly).

The slander campaign used by DHS/FBI/Fusion Center thugs to play state authorities for fools and isolate and make victims vulnerable by creating a new, secret, unconstitutional caste of “untouchable” scapegoats for predatory science and predatory capitalism, as well as predatory civilian mercenaries, usually entails outrageous lies that change minute to minute depending on the naïve civilian group which is being enlisted at the moment as proxy-stalkers, but who laughably believe that being a fascist brown shirt thug is “patriotic”. The slander is based on hot-button, fabricated accusations such as pedophilia, terrorism, treason, etc. or all three and more, depending on what lie or set of lies with which it is thought to best manipulate the unsophisticated audience. Some civilians think they are merely “surveilling” the “bad guy” on shifts. Others are passive participants told to report chance sightings of the “bad guy” via a social media hub on “Github”, where they have accounts and are paid $100.00 under-the-table for each siting, giving time and location. (According to one Tallahassee participant).

The top layer of gullibles probably do not realize that geolocating the crime victim brings yet more predatory stalkers to that location who wield mobile Directed Energy Weapons, either in their cars, or powered by their car engine, or powered from the trunk by battery pack, or in large purses or backpacks with shielding, powered by battery packs. See photo for distortion the presence of an electrical field being generated by a DEW can make.

These weapons are being used all over Florida to harm and kill innocent victims for profit. Though certainly no care whatsoever is taken to only harm the intended murder victim and the general public is indeed being harmed. These weapons do harm to DNA and to such medical devices as pace makers.

To add insult to injury, DHS/FBI/Fusion Center/Infragard also use the private information of the victim (identity theft) to take out innumerable fraudulent life insurance policies, trust funds (to avoid probate), and buy “joint properties” in their intended victim’s name, as if they were an employee, business partner, or relative. Often the properties are hidden in plain sight by sleight of hand and unique coding on county property and tax assessor sites. Likely many employees there are compromised.

Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart


You now have been alerted to monumental crime ubiquitous in your state. Your constituents expect you to act to restore law and order. You have the right to declare a state of emergency and call out the national guard to go house to house, car to car if need be, to confiscate these contraband, weapons of war that are actually classified as weapons of mass destruction according to 18 US Code, and are forbidden to be used by civilians, and are forbidden to be used on non-combatant, unarmed civilians. The Constitution is clear, your duty is clear. There is no “Constitutional crisis” unless you allow it on your watch.

Karen M. Stewart

NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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