NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – Letter to Fake Patriots


This is a letter to my “fellow Americans” who pathetically consider themselves “patriots”. You have joined a secretly militarized community policing group (Infragard, Citizens on Parade, aka Neighborhood Nazis, or whatever fool name you go by) for fake prestige, a false sense of self-worth far beyond your actual-mediocre at-best “worth”, a pathetically needy sense of belonging to a group, any group (you are not terribly discerning because any group that would take you is pretty much lame), an illegitimate sense of power that secretive, rank cowards can only attain in large groups of that very ilk, and an opportunity to unjustly wield power against innocent, unsuspecting victims as bullies such as you typically prefer to do. Another tell-tale sign of your cowardice is the fact that over 70% of your victims are older women, not people who even you pathological cowards might fear. And those you target are not in the least the demographic of “terrorists” who you are told claim they want to destroy us, they instead are largely white and black, with some other token ethnicities thrown in, and largely with no criminal record – not exactly people you expect to be screaming “Alluh Akhbar”, eh? Lets face it, YOU are not desirous of encountering actual terrorists or dangerous people because you worms would pee yourselves and cry for mommy if you actually ever did.

But you are so brain dead, gullible, self-absorbed and unsophisticated, that the criminalized part of the Federal government, the Deep State, has pulled a fast one on you, set into motion an era of False Flag attacks by supposed “Muslim Terrorists” then fooled you into thinking that slandering, blacklisting, spying on, harassing, stalking, torturing, and murdering… your neighbors, who look just like you, act just like you, speak just like you (before you became monsters), with no Islamic or terrorist ties whatsoever, is SOMEHOW “fighting terror” and “protecting the motherland!” (Or is it, “das Vaterland”?) You have been convinced by rogue, post-Constitutionalist seditionists, who have infiltrated the government, especially the Department of Homeland Security, which they created to subvert the US government, and the FBI (one of the most corrupt agencies that has ever existed, look up “COINTELPRO”) and its bastard offspring, the Fusion Centers, all of whom are hell bent on turning the USA into a totalitarian police state. In your abysmal ignorance you have decided that YOUR Constitutional Rights should be protected by TRAMPLING someone ELSES’s. And YOU are too moronic to understand the irony. You have decided that, just as in Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” (which was a warning against the devolution of civilization into a totalitarian society), that while all “the animals are equal”, that YOU, the self-selected “PIGS”, are somehow “more equal”. That the quality of your life is all that matters, and that destroying the lives of others in parasitic acts of predation is acceptable in your secret society of narcissists and sociopaths.

Well, congratulations, you are the very first Neo-Nazis of the 21st Century. Their rebirth did not take long, did it? So much for “lessons learned”. In the 20th Century, totalitarian regimes murdered 20 million people. Historically oppressed people such as black Americans, South Africans, indigenous people around the globe, and women, all fought their battles to secure the freedom and equality that GOD gave them, but evil men took away or kept from them. But instead of learning that lesson through the suffering and dying of others, YOU GLADLY JUMP AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY to VICIOUSLY OPPRESS, HARASS, TORTURE, and MURDER YET ANOTHER set of FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS – FOR MONEY. Yes, you do not bat an eye when the government offers you under-the-table tax money, to help in the Terrorist Watch List SCAM to wildly bloat the fake threat, and murder innocent neighbors. The combination of an authority figure and tax-free money, instantly turns you into blithering idiots and vile whores who conveniently forget that we STILL ARE a country with a CONSTITUTION and that our government is NOT ALLOWED to just MURDER PEOPLE based on SECRET and FALSE “ALLEGATIONS”. This is how WHISTLEBLOWERS and REAL PATRIOTS and ACTIVISTS concerned with RULE OF LAW, CLEAN WATER, HUMAN RIGHTS, etc. are ASSASSINATED BY EVIL GOVERNMENTS. Maybe you should READ the CONSTITUTION? Because if YOU trample it to murder others “for fun and profit”, it will be trampled to murder YOU by the very same criminals running the illegitimate government, who have no desire that people know the truth. And YOU are suddenly “inconvenient”, especially when you realize YOU were the USEFUL IDIOTS TRAITORS who made toppling the legitimate U.S. government entirely possible.

Karen M. Stewart

NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

One response to “NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – Letter to Fake Patriots

  1. Isidro Abascal Montalvo


    I like the way you tell them! However, I believe the best way to destroy these people are in the courts. For example, winning multi million dollars lawsuits against these people and their accomplices. I am a TI for 24 years of remote electronic assaults and organized stalking 24/7. I have been in court innumerable of times against them. I am currently appealing my last action against the City of NY and officials of the NYPD and their perps. I emailed my appellate brief to Ramola a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t get any answer. If you give me an email address I will send it to you, and citations of all my actions against them.

    Isidro Abascal Montalvo


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