NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart – Hallelujah Revisited, February 2018

This week, many wrongfully targeted Americans were filled with all but tangible hope when Congressmen, such as Ohio’s Jim Jordan, Florida’s Matthew Gaetz, and North Carolina’s Mark Meadows publicly announced the existence of a memo they had just acquired in their duties in intelligence oversight that was so troubling, that they wanted it immediately declassified to inform the citizens of the U.S. of its contents and inferred intentions in regard to sedition. At that point, before its declassification, they could only refer to the topic in terms as “troubling” or “alarming”, with mention of “Gestapo” to characterize shockingly un-American activity by government insiders, insisting that the American public had a right to know what certain elements in their government, specifically the upper echelon of the DOJ and the FBI, had been up to to America’s fundamental detriment.

Those thousands of Americans who had found themselves fraudulently denounced on the Terrorist Watch List from its inception, finally had hope that their duly elected representatives… let me repeat, their DULY-ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, might indeed find the impetus to look down from Mt. Olympus, to see the chaos their somnambulant status quo had created for the mere mortals who had elected them, now that crimes the same nature of which had been plaguing the citizenry for too many years, had been discovered in the palace on Mt. Olympus itself, the White House. Oh the shock and horror at the unthinkable, draconian and oppressive and repressive nature of the crimes being perpetrated in a Constitutional Republic in the guise of Homeland Security (Sicherheit des Vaterlands), where every man is equal and law, not status and position, reign supreme. The lawmakers were outraged and shocked and were rushing to do something. They were “surprised” and taken unawares by such perfidy.

Yet, while many rejoiced that the sleeping beauties had gotten a small kiss of awareness… finally, many questioned how, these representatives of the people, had somehow missed the years of letters, emails, phone calls telling them that our freedoms and rights were being undermined in what was clearly a concerted effort by criminals and seditionists within the government for decades, that had deleteriously affected and even gratuitously destroyed many lives of completely innocent Americans, thousands, who asked, begged, pleaded for help from their local authorities, the police, their city counsels, their mayors, Attorney Generals, State’s Attorneys, local FBI, National FBI, Department of Justice with its myriad Divisions including Criminal, Civil Rights, Homeland Security, and Inspector General, as well as from their own Senators and Congressman, the latter which are now in hyper-responsive “the Republic is in danger” mode, as they should be.

Sure, each of these entities has a “contact me” protocol, which no matter what you report to them, from mundane request to screaming bloody murder – “there’s a mushroom cloud coming from the next town over”, all seem to get the very same form letter acknowledging “something” from you got to them, but little else. Many people with serious issues and serious concerns, who describe matters that their Federal representatives indeed should look into, get blown off as if to say, “You’re only one person”, we are working for the greater good, our time is much too important to waste on one person.” Yet, is American Democracy not founded on the principle that if and only if the rights of the individual are protected, then the rights of all are? I suspect the real issue is the vote of the individual is but one. His or her life and death situation satisfactorily dealt with, theoretically, garners only one vote as where the demands or even frivolous whims of a group, garners many. Imagine, in these representatives, the desire for re-election trumps basic vigilance in guarding the viability of the Republic and our nation’s freedoms. Nevermind the precedent set or left unset in that one constituent’s life or death predicament for which he is petitioning his sworn protectors; one that predictably might eventually affect many, many more constituents, or even undermine the very foundation of democratic rule if left to fester. A true sentinel of freedom would care at the first indications of trouble, an officious potentate with little courage or fidelity would not. Injustice can be considered a virus that if not dealt with in a timely fashion, can become plague… and it is now that rampant, untreated injustice is just reaching America’s Mt. Olympus. Finally, “the people’s representatives” are sounding the alarm over what had been an ever-increasing din of voices already petitioning them for help for years with the same National Security tyranny and terrorism program afflicting the masses through the fraudulent FISA and DHS/FBI/Fusion Center Terrorist Watch List scam, that no one seemed to notice was such, despite how many hundreds or thousands of citizens were reporting the program was itself state-sponsored terrorism with a nefarious agenda that endangers everyone but the supposed terrorists.

How is it that the “people’s representatives” missed all of the tips and clues from their constituents called in, emailed in, faxed in, and mailed by U.S. Post Office for years, even decades, warning of these growing abuses? Falsely accused Americans describing being set upon by cold-blooded, state-sponsored predators run by these DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers and other entities such as NIH and others following secret or little known directives purporting to strip Americans of their Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights in defiance of the Constitution, to use and abuse them as property of Corporate or Military Industrial Complex America. And what of the Congressional and Senate Oversight Committees? Do our representatives know that “oversight” and “overlook” are NOT synonymous? Those lawmakers who are incensed right now about the newly discovered heretofore classified memo indicating an ultimately subversive agenda by the Deep State and other traitors within, to label (insincerely) the American Democracy a now feeble, albeit beloved watch dog that has lost its bite and is in need of secretly being put down before the children know, do they not realize that it was on their watch, their deaf, dumb and blind watch, their impervious-to-constituents-opinions watch, that this 800 lb gorilla, wearing a neon orange jumper, while sitting in plain view (to everyone but them) in the rotunda, was “discovered”?

Clearly the contact information, the contact protocols are ineffectual and must be by design or they would have been corrected a long time ago. Is this far too close to apocalypse wake up call enough to change that, to make “our” representatives people who actually listen to and look out for us? Or will “contact information” remain synonymous for “round file” for the wanna-be gods of Mt. Olympus whose narcissistic obsession with their own images in the mirror, almost lost them (and may still) and everyone else, the mountain?

My personal purveyors of impotence and indifference include:
Local police and sheriff’s departments in two states*, States Attorneys in two states, Federal States Attorneys in two states, Congressmen and Senators in two states, Governors in two states, Attorney Generals in two states, County Counsel Members in one state, State Police in one state, legislators in many states (blitz emailing), the head of the National Guard, Fusion Centers in two states, FBI in two states, and including Washington D.C. Headquarters, the House Intelligence Committee (2x), the DOD Inspector General, the former Director of National Security, the former head of the FBI, the Commander of the Naval Security Group in Pensacola, Florida as well of the head of the Nav Sec Group HQ, in Maryland and of course, quite ironically, the NSA Inspector General, fired in the Fall of 2016 for illegal persecution of internal Whistleblowers. And more main stream newspaper and TV journalists including Fox News, than I can count. Perhaps if any could see beyond their own noses, and could actually be contacted by those outside their cliques… there would never have been a “surprising” and alarming memo to declassify and quickly make public on the brink of the take-down of America.

*Maryland and Florida


Karen M. Stewart

NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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