NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – Fascist, Predatory America

Numerous 9/11 anomalies indicate that this event was at the very least preventable, at worst, planned by the Shadow Government as a ruse by which to grab power and keep it. POST 9/11 Laws like PAA and NDAA were designed to begin the subversion of the Constitution, just as the Nazis did before attacking their own citizens. According to Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison (1803) any law that contradicts the Constitution is void. According to Norton v. Shelby County (1886) someone enforcing or following an unconstitutional law to the detriment of someone else can NOT be “protected” from prosecution for criminal activity or conspiring to commit criminal activity.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was designed by consulting with experts from the former Soviet Union’s KGB and the former Communist East Germany’s Secret Police in regard to surveilling, controlling and oppressing the population, not protecting it from foreign or domestic terrorists.

DHS has admitted that they have almost non-existent criteria for putting someone on the so-called Terrorist Watch List, meaning their criteria is actually less than “probable cause”. Congressman and head of the Intelligence Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy (S.C.) affirmed with DHS management that they have no vetting system in place and no appeals system in place to prevent innocent people from being put on the Terrorist Watch List.

The more people on the Terrorist Watch List, the more money DHS and affiliated Federal and private contractors, who have little to no supervision, get.
FISA Courts have proven to rubber stamp any accusations about “suspicious behavior” without proof. The FBI has been caught submitting fraudulent accusations innumerable times to the FISA Courts, and has a long history of criminal activity against innocent people for political reasons (COINTELPRO).

After 9/11 Fusion Centers were set up in every state to “fuse” Federal information with local for better communications between the Federal government and local law enforcement ostensibly to not let other terrorist activities occur. Yet, innumerable Islamic terrorist incidents still occur due to the total lack of immigrant vetting coupled with purposeful enticement of millions of immigrants from hostile nations. Could this be to create the problem?

As many as hundreds of thousands of innocent, native born Americans with no ties whatsoever, to the aforementioned openly hostile nations, have been put on the Terrorist Watch List for being too patriotic, too concerned about government trampling our Constitutional Rights, too concerned about foolhardy immigration policies, too cognizant of our history, too concerned with human rights, too well-trained from serving their country in the armed forces, or too concerned about integrity at their jobs or in their communities. Are these really the people who are a danger to our country?

Secret, unconstitutional civilian vigilantes associated with the Fusion Centers, and which are named such things as Infragard, Citizen Corps, C.O.P.S., etc. are paid under-the-table tax dollars to criminally harass so-called “Terrorists” who seem to ALL be generational American citizens or long time naturalized citizens, not recent immigrants with terrorist ties or leanings. Many stories have been published about foreign terrorists on US soil being totally ignored by the FBI until Americans have been murdered by them. Why?

DHS/FBI through Fusion Centers also blanket a targeted person (innocent victim) by spreading absolute fabricated lies to their neighbors and throughout their neighborhoods as well. Typical lies are, the person is a terrorist sympathizer, child molester, drug addict/drug trafficker, prostitute, racist, anti-semite, anti-whatever plays well in that neighborhood… in essence, fluid lies are told to gullible hysterics of all races, creeds, colors, religions, politics to foment a false basis for fear and hatred. Very few have the brains to question:

• Why have I never seen any indications of this?
• Why has no one I know ever seen any indications of this?
• Why have the police or FBI not followed legal procedures in regard to probable cause?
• Why are the police or FBI paying civilians to illegally stalk someone in their stead, when they have the mandate to deal with REAL threats?
• Why are the police or FBI asking untrained civilians to endanger themselves (and their children or elderly parents, who they are encouraged to bring along) by engaging in such activity if the targeted person is such a “danger”?
• Why are payments to proxy stalkers hidden as under-the-table gift cards, merchandise gifts, service gifts, home improvements, landscaping, pre-paid vacations, or even dropping criminal charges against those “up-standing citizens” helping to proxy stalk, harass, commit break-ins, pet murders, vandalism against the so-called “threats”, who by the way almost never have criminal records.

And last, but not least, why are DHS, FBI, Local police, Infragard “partners” awarded shares in fraudulent life insurance policies, fraudulent trust funds, fraudulent property purchases, etc. taken out in the victim’s name when the targeted person succumbs to poisonings, gassings, choreographed car accidents, covert weaponry meant for war or assassination, acquired by DHS and passed out to dubious mercenary civilian sociopaths like candy?

Could this alternative predatory society have been set up from the trillions of stolen Federal tax dollars covered up by 9/11 and State Department thefts?

Karen Melton Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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