NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart: As America Slept

Dear American Citizen,

Congratulations, while you were asleep at the wheel, indulging a fantastical sense of denial, your country became a Police State.

Under the Bush and Obama Globalist and Seditious regimes, laws were purposely and calculatedly subverted and unconstitutional ones created to forever erode your rights as citizens and human beings. You now belong to the Global Corporatocracy. Your “rights” are an illusion.

Oh, you are told, everything is the same, but it is not. If you dare speak up, ask a question, or God forbid, exercise your Constitutional rights, you will be declared a threat, a trouble-maker, a mentally ill person, a terrorist and put on a no-proof-required secret watch list.

Then the Fusion Center (FBI created under Bush) will disseminate to various covert, mercenary “Neighborhood Watch” organizations which you had no idea even existed, that you are a pedophile, a psychopath, a terrorist sympathizer, a terrorist, and therefore need to be eradicated. They will say, “Alas, due process is lacking in its ability to handle immediate threats, so the citizen heroes (really, Neighborhood Nazis) will have to take a more direct approach.”

So, these covert armies of snitches and harassers spread vicious lies about the intended target, thereby fear and hate monger, then enlist gullible and panicked neighbors and others to augment their illegal, secret standing army, in a conspiracy to deprive the victim of his/her Constitutional Rights (18 US Code §241), and ultimately either

a) drive him/her to suicide,

b) drive him/her to lash out (mass shooters sound familiar?),

or c) outright murder him/her,

d) use the concerted 24/7 group effort to frame the victim to get him institutionalized or put in prison on falsified premeditated group accusations which police are not bright enough to see through. Thus giving the gullible and now criminal group of neighbors gleefully trampling the Constitution, a “sense of accomplishment”, that they as a large group of sociopathic and sadistic bullies, often hundreds strong, were able to do grievous harm to one baffled and innocent neighbor through vast numbers and high tech weaponry… for money. Yes, they gladly sacrificed someone else’s person’s rights and safety, and destroyed a productive, decent person, for under-the-table tax money, in order to feel “safe and empowered” themselves.

Oh, and by the way, the people organizing such covert atrocities (see “Zersetzung” in Wikipedia) across the nation, are indeed pedophiles, criminals, and traitors.

Good job America! You fully deserve the totalitarian hell you are ushering in.

Or will you finally awake?

Karen M. Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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