Ben Colodzin, Ph. D: Encountering Clients Claiming Externally Controlled “Implants” Are Affecting Their Health: An Advisory for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Ben Colodzin, Health Educator and Therapist with a Ph.D in Psychology and 30 years of experience in teaching useful self-help methods to those who have experienced trauma of various kinds, has offered this advisory for purposes of public education, which could be used both to inform healthcare professionals, and also to support those reporting victims of covert implantation crime in our societies today. 


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Given that non-consensual implants are increasingly being reported by civilians worldwide, and microchips and nanotechnology are both subjects of high concern in this current age of abusive surveillance and non-consensual military/intelligence experimentation–explored here earlier–this primer may be invaluable in the ongoing effort to inform and educate doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists about the reality on the ground today regarding implants, covert weapons systems, and sophisticated remote neurotechnologies. While ER physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists have previously rushed to label all victims reporting covert targeting or non-consensual implants “delusional,” Dr. Colodzin cautions that such misdiagnoses, “the common lot of almost everyone who has become an experimental test subject for these technologies” can be extremely harmful. “We are in a whole new diagnostic ball game.”

With much gratitude to Dr. Colodzin for his thoughtful and detailed advice for healthcare practitioners on this very vital subject.

Please find the pdf of this advisory here; all those who are “targeted individuals” in particular, who are reporting these crimes today, may find this document useful, to hand to physicians and psychologists and psychiatrists. 

–Ramola D/Posted 11/11/2017



Ben Colodzin Ph.D.

June 2014

Over the last several years I have consulted with individuals from 5 U.S. states and 4 sovereign nations who have claimed to be “implanted” without their consent with some type of technology that affects their physical, mental, and emotional functioning.

I am a therapist and educator in California. Earlier in my career, like most of my colleagues, I had dismissed claims of these types of harassment as an impossibility, and likely a sign of mental illness. One of the first credible accounts that opened my mind was a paper written by the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, M. D., titled MICROCHIP IMPLANTS, MIND CONTROL, AND CYBERNETICS, December 2000. Once I became at least somewhat better informed about the very real possible uses of state of the art remote sensing and influencing technologies, I realized that my earlier reflex to simply assume that people who reported such phenomena were “crazy” was based more upon my ignorance than upon scientific fact.

In the 1980’s I worked with many Vietnam veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . At that time, PTSD was a newly recognized mental disorder, newly included in the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 3rd edition. I met many veterans who qualified for the PTSD diagnosis, and many of them had histories of being mis-diagnosed with a wide variety of other mental disorders. Within the established health care bureaucracies, there was a lot of resistance to supplementing their diagnostic evaluative procedures in whatever ways might help them notice if a possible PTSD diagnosis had been overlooked, or if mis-diagnosis had occurred. As people with PTSD increasingly came forward and told their stories, and as our culture increasingly began to listen to them, collectively we got better at noticing when PTSD was present. But before PTSD was officially recognized—and for quite a time after—there was a tremendous amount of mis-diagnosis, and many people were harmed by the failure of health care providers to adequately recognize what was happening for these individuals.

Now in 2014 I see a very similar problem occurring for individuals with advanced implanted technologies non-consensually placed in their bodies. Whereas once we could only speculate if this was real or fiction, we now have toxicological tests that can confirm the presence of advanced nano materials (extremely small manufactured items that can self-assemble into operational machines) in the body, as well as highly sensitive scanning equipment that can detect frequency signals emanating from and directed to a person’s body. This means we can actually now use validated tests to discern if a physical system capable of externally altering a person’s functioning is actually present and operating.

Although practically no one yet seems to know about these mostly military-type technologies or their fantastic-sounding abilities, and are unaware of the possibility to test for their presence, nonetheless the sound scientific basis of the testing procedures does exist, and increasingly there are individuals whose tests are showing they are indeed imbedded with advanced nano materials, and they are indeed emitting signals and/or resonating with external signals in ways that are just not natural for a human body. This is a reality in the present that should not be ignored. However, without the knowledge that externally controlled machines within the body can massively affect physical and mental functioning, diagnosticians of all health-related disciplines continue to NOT look for the presence of such possible causative factors. This is the established norm today.

How could these technologies possibly be in widespread use without being widely detected? Dr. Luukanen-Kilde, from the perspective of a Chief Medical Officer of a sovereign nation, offered this view in December 2000:

One reason this technology has remained a state secret is the widespread prestige of the psychiatric DIAGNOSTIC STATISTICAL MANUAL IV, produced by the U.S. American Psychiatric Association (APA) and printed in 18 languages. Psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising this manual. This psychiatric “bible” covers up the secret development of MC (mind control) technologies by labeling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

Victims of mind control experimentation are thus routinely diagnosed, knee-jerk fashion, as mentally ill by doctors who learned the DSM “symptom” list in medical school. Physicians have not been schooled that patients may be telling the truth when they report being targeted against their will or being used as guinea pigs for electronic, chemical and bacteriological forms of psychological warfare. [END QUOTE]

However, as in the earlier example I mentioned about PTSD, eventually enough evidence can accrue that previously disregarded information reaches a critical mass, and the possibility that something previously undetected is playing a role begins to gain support. That is the point we seem to be at now, regarding scientific evidence that there truly are “targeted individuals” being externally influenced in ways we who are not privy to classified information previously thought impossible.

Now it can be proven that advanced nano machines do exist inside some human bodies, and it can be proven that the knowledge and technical infrastructure exists to transmit signals remotely that powerfully affect the brain and other human functions in selected or “targeted” individuals. The capability is now being developed to track these external controlling frequency signals back to their sources. With this development we are entering an era where accountability for this totally unregulated human experimentation and manipulation may become possible for these previously invisible activities. In this situation and with these technologies now poised to proliferate, the ethical health provider needs to be informed about this sad state of affairs.

I make this declaration to witness to health care professionals around the world: if you have clients who claim they are being targeted or “chipped” and present the symptoms that are commonly associated with this phenomena (see references below), do not automatically assume they are delusional. They may be, but they may not as well. Or, they may have delusions that are not indicative of organic psychosis, but instead of artificially induced, virtual reality-based, externally transmitted delusions. For which there is no diagnostic category in current psychiatric thinking. With the application of these technologies increasing as their sophistication grows, we are in a whole new diagnostic ball game.

And if such clients come to you with Raman spectroscopy tests confirming the presence of advanced nano materials in their body fluids, and sophisticated scanning tests showing unusual frequency emissions emanating from their bodies or other results that are not in the normal range for human beings, it may be time to re-think the possible, to get more informed about the state of the art of brain-altering weapons systems, and to listen to what these people who are calling themselves “targeted individuals” have to say.

Misdiagnosis is the common lot of almost everyone who has become an experimental test subject for these technologies. The lack of recognition of what is actually happening for them causes perhaps as much harm as the aggressive technological attacks they are subjected to. For all health practitioners who find the injunction to DO NO HARM a worthy standard, be prepared to investigate the possibility that “targeted individuals’” claims of being externally programmed may be real, prior to reaching other diagnostic conclusions.

Ben Colodzin Ph.D.

June 21 2014


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Source: Dr. Ben Colodzin

7 responses to “Ben Colodzin, Ph. D: Encountering Clients Claiming Externally Controlled “Implants” Are Affecting Their Health: An Advisory for Healthcare Professionals

  1. this guy is rubbish. please do not ever post anything associated with Dr. Staninger. every physician she associates with is a scammer. for years she has sold implant scanning and for years ripped people off. we found out back in 2014 after reviewing multiple evaluations that she fabricated them simply restating whatever the purchaser told her. this is not a way to help people. how did we find this out? first we had 5 professionals look at the reports including two more vetted ones in the community. they have been on TV and written many books and even worked for the government throughout their careers. we asked questions like “did she document the right frequency.” “how did she detect where the signals were coming from.” etc. “how did she conclude so many implants of various types and versions were inside a person.” we concluded that if you tell her you have implants that is what she will write to fulfil her clients delusions/desire to have such a report. unfortunately what she writes is very fictional sounding claiming a person is wired up like a cyborg basically in these cases. we concluded the frequencies she reported being detected had nothing to do with targeting and were wrong. we concluded the reports didn’t prove anything and were made up. we concluded independent examinations of the person could not verify implants were present or that signals were coming from specific satellites.
    Dr. Ben Colodzin is a funny guy. he is a psychologist but is doing this for the money and is ruining his rep by backing Dr. Staninger up.
    Dr. Staninger is associated with a network of corrupt doctors throughout the country. One a surgeon stole over $15,000 from a TI by claiming they would remove one of these fictional implants but then instead refused. The surgeon told the TI “if you sue me I am the only one who knows where your implant is and I will never remove it.” this kept the TI from suing but she lost her $15,000. this statement was designed to play on the TIs fear that she would never get help if she sought her money back, a basic con to keep the money.

    anyway I know for a fact targeting is real it’s just Dr. Staninger and her team are proven frauds. they charge $1500-$2000 for fake work to be done that to this day has never helped one person. do yourselves all favors: do not advertise their services and stop losing money. there have been hundreds pay to get these scans and evaluations wrote but they do not help you at all.


  2. History will reveal the few shining lights who had the compassion and spine to stand up for humanity at this time, when our so-called “Security” and “Intelligence” and US Military agencies have unleashed such barbarism on their own citizens. It’s become increasingly clear to me that the full reveal of the extreme crimes against those targeted and surveilled, including non-consensual implantation, will completely overturn the current status quo–including government and military–as we have it now. Hence the desperate attempts we see to keep it all under wraps, including using the dirty weapon of Psychiatry. Thank you also for your article, Rosanne, and your blog, which too are shining lights. The truth will prevail.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pingback: Ben Colodzin PhD – What is this world without a further Divine purpose in it all? W. Whitman

  4. Merci pour cet article. Je retiens cette phrase à la fin de l’article: la non-reconnaissance de ce que subissent les TI fait autant de mal que les expériences menées sur eux A. MORELLE

    2017-11-12 0:28 GMT+00:00 The EveryDay Concerned Citizen :

    > Ramola D posted: “Dr. Ben Colodzin, Health Educator and Therapist with a > Ph.D in Psychology and 30 years of experience in teaching useful self-help > methods to those who have experienced trauma of various kinds, has offered > this advisory for purposes of public education, wh” >


  5. I’ve had reason to have dinner with Ben more than once. He is a dedicated human rights activist and a wonderful, caring human being. You can see him testifying to the Richmond City Council right before they passed the Space Preservation Act. For those who have been non consensually implanted, may your salvation and restitution be forthcoming. You can see proof of this atrocity in the article that I wrote entitled “Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Covert Experimentation”. Thank you for your dedication to the truth, Ramola.

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  6. Why in the hell does no one post where or how to get them removed? What type of scans they will come up on? Robert Duncan claims it can be done without implants, via ion-cyclotron resonance.
    I do not doubt it if this just passed.
    Please help me I can measure the brain entrainment well enough to file a police report:


  7. Ramola,

    There is no where in the US that anyone can get a Raman Spectroscopy test, and even if there were, how could one be sure that they will be tested honestly and ethically?

    When I received this email the first thing I thought was finally something I can show my employers (in the medical field) but he places so much emphasis on the test that if I were to give them the article without the test, I would just receive another stonewall response. I have tried to talk to them about targeting, and in my heart, I think they already know about it but just refuse to discuss it. I haven’t told them I’m targeted, just that I believe its real. Plus, it is three years old and the science continues to evolve.

    I spend most of my time researching the science and the grants awarded by the NIH and NIMH, this is so institutionalized (all the federal agencies in the US are captured), and our professional class has been indoctrinated, I don’t see how to get through to them. If showing them the science, patents and history doesn’t make a dent, how would this PDF? I have come to the conclusion that my employers are one of two things: either totally stupid (which I don’t believe so) or completely aware, and in my case perhaps not directly complicit, but compliant in that they refuse to publicly acknowledge it.

    What is one to do?

    I appreciate all the work you do and look forward to receiving your emails. Sometimes they are a lifeline. Thank you.


    On Sat, Nov 11, 2017 at 6:28 PM, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “Dr. Ben Colodzin, Health Educator and Therapist with a > Ph.D in Psychology and 30 years of experience in teaching useful self-help > methods to those who have experienced trauma of various kinds, has offered > this advisory for purposes of public education, wh” >


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