World Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity (pdf): Please Share Widely

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons

Notice of Criminal Trespass

Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property

Notice of Impending Criminal Charges

Notice to One is Notice to All

28 August, 2017

…(T)he prohibition of crimes against humanity, similar to the prohibition of genocide, has been considered a peremptory norm of international law, from which no derogation is permitted and which is applicable to all States.” United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect

By this Notice, dated the 28th of August, 2017, let it be known, to all individuals, groups, corporations, agencies, organizations, foundations, governments, militaries, and citizens worldwide and in every Nation State, that:

1) According to Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which established the International Criminal Court, and constitutes the primary treaty and “latest consensus from the international community” on this matter, the full text of which may be found online at the United Nations Genocide Prevention web site and elsewhere, and is enclosed herein:

A.) The following crimes which are being committed today by individual, group, and corporate members and veterans of Militaries, Defense Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force and Army Bases, Justice Departments, Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security contractors, Law Enforcement departments, Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation, Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in neighborhoods, communities, and places of employment recruited to assist in programs to covertly target, surveil, stalk, “gang-stalk,” swarm, gaslight, vandalize, sabotage, and assault select civilians–

  1. With electromagnetic radiation, pulsed microwaves, wifi, radio frequency (RF) signals sent to non-consensual RF implants, sonic pulses, and ionizing radiation using sonic weapons, neuroweapons, portable Directed-Energy Weapons, cell phones, apps on cell phones, and other means of transmitting carcinogenic radiation;

  1. All in the guise of “surveillance programs,” “experimentation programs,” “neuro-experimentation programs,” “behavior modification programs,” “behavioral intervention programs,” “predictive policing programs,” “criminal justice programs,” “pre-crime programs,” “medical monitoring programs,” “public safety programs,” “social engineering programs,” “countering violent extremism” programs, and other means of hiding these deadly programs of sadistic and brutal assault under Secrecy, Classification for National Security, Biomedical and Behavioral Intervention, public safety, “legitimate” and “legal” military/Intelligence experimentation, and criminal justice covers;

  1. And conducted as State-sponsored “legal” domestic counter-terrorism/counter-proliferation/counter-Intelligence/suppression/pacification activities on whole swathes of civilian populations in towns, cities, states, and regions, with full “knowledge of the attack” —

are Internationally understood to be Crimes Against Humanity, and include:

1. Enslavementin this case, Electronic Enslavement, by virtue of Continuous Clandestine Tracking and Locating via Non-consensually implanted tracking Microchips, Bio-MEMs, Nanochips, or/and Brain Prints or Brain Bio-Resonance Frequencies,and GPS/GIS tracking satellites; Continuous “Electronic Surveillance” or Assault with Electromagnetic Radiation; Punitive Physical and Neural Assault with Electronic Weapons; Continuous Audio and Video Surveillance with planted bugs and recording and tracking devices in homes and vehicles (Article 7, (c));

2. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law—in this case, Electronic Imprisonment, by virtue of severe encroachment and criminal trespass into homes and onto bodies and brains with the use of electromagnetic radiation/sonics, continually or periodically applied (Article 7, (e));

3. Torturein this case, Electronic Torture, by virtue of assault, remote bodily access and manipulation, regular sleep-deprivation, injection of synthetic dreams, images, voices, sensations, remote electro-shocking, remote electrical vibrations, remote neuro-takeover, biohacking and bio-robotizing, all induced with electromagnetic weapons, sonic weapons, neuroweapons, bio-communications devices such as implants and transponders, BCI systems (Brain Computer Interface), and other weapons facilitating covert or clandestine assault (Article 7, f)

4. Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity—in this case, Electronic Rape, Electronic Sex Trafficking, Electronic Sexual Slavery, Electronic Sexual Violence, and Electronic Enforced Sterilization, by virtue of sexual assault and violence aimed at the private reproductory and urino-genital systems of women, young girls, men, and young boys, conducted remotely, at a distance, using radiation weapons, sonic weapons, and non-consensually implanted microchips, neurostimulators, transponders, and Wireless Body Area Networks (Article 7, g).

5. Persecution…on other grounds universally recognized as impermissible under International Lawin this case, 1) Electronic Persecution, by virtue of continuous assault & torture with electromagnetic weapons, remote bodily manipulation, remote brain and bodily control, remote EEG cloning and heterodyning (imposing others’ Brain Frequencies on one, permitting partial or full-body neuro-takeover), remote cerebral trauma, all induced with the weapons named above; 2) Psychological Persecution, by virtue of subjecting individuals to non-stop electromagnetic tracking and assault, non-stop physical stress creation, non-stop sensory stimulation, forced disruption of activities, non-stop sleep-deprivation, and non-stop COINTELPRO stalking, swarming, interrogation, vandalism, break-ins, gaslighting, employment sabotage, character ruination, social isolation, slander and defamation, public mockery and street theater (Article 7, h).

6. Enforced Disappearance of Personsin this case, Sabotage and Ruination of individuals’ Business, Reputation, and Character Assassination, by virtue of dissemination of lies, slander, libelous and defamatory statements about individuals within their own neighborhoods, work and life communities, areas and cities of residence and employment, often rendering individuals homeless, jobless, blacklisted, and unemployable (Article 7, i).

7. Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health—in this case, Remote Body and Brain Access, Manipulation, and Assault using the electronic weapons described above, and effecting

  • Bio/Neuro-Hacking and the Theft of Personal Intellectual Property (one’s brainwaves—whether thought, emotion, sensation, memory, intention, cogitation, mentation, inner voice, or any other);
  • Bio-Robotizingwhich is essentially the neural takeover of a person’s brain and manipulating a person’s limbs, organs, joints, and entire body from outside;
  • Continuous Psychological, Mental, and Internal Torture via Voice to Skull and Synthetic Telepathy running abusive monologues inside individuals’ brains, an intrinsic aspect of Trauma-Based Mind Control, and prelude to bio-robotizing;
  • Continuous Psychological and Social Trauma caused by non-stop assault of individuals with Psy Ops-defined inputs related to the individual’s life, picked up by intensive surveillance, including neuro-surveillance;
  • and the very act of Trauma-Based Mind Control, which is the effecting of remote control of people’s brains and bodily movements and behaviors by inflicting physical and psychological trauma on them (Article 7, k).

To repeat, these acts of extreme remote brain and body access, assault, and manipulation are internationally understood, as per Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute of the ICC—and understood by us, the international US-Europe Joint Investigation Team seeking to investigate and prosecute those committing these crimes–to be Crimes Against Humanity.

2.) These crimes are currently being investigated, and all those committing these crimes are being monitored. All individuals, groups, and corporate members and veterans of Militaries, Defense Departments, Defense/Security contractors, Air Force and Army Bases, Justice Departments, Intelligence/Security agencies, Intelligence/Security contractors, Law Enforcement departments, Fusion Center organizations, Bureaus of Investigation, Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch groups, University “researchers,” and random citizens in neighborhoods, communities, and places of employment recruited to assist in the performance of these Crimes Against Humanity on the bodies of select individuals, presented deceptively by Nation State and military “authorities” of any kind as legitimate or lawful or legal targets of surveillance, monitoring, investigation, or experimentation are being monitored by name, place of residence, place of employment, occupation, and association (to determine connection with Military/Intelligence/Law Enforcement/Neighborhood Watch if any.)

3) These crimes will be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court, in courts of Common Law, and in new, incorruptible People’s Courts and Tribunals to be focused on addressing Crimes Against Humanity.

4) Every single person or entity participating in these crimes in the smallest way, whether by pointing a cell phone issuing a wifi signal at a human being identified to them as a legitimate target or “test subject,” using an app on a cell phone to direct deadly radiation on such an identified human being, via the Global Electronic Control Grid (using cell towers, satellites, drones, sensors, air, space, ground -based and mobile tracking, sensing, and transmitting platforms), or using a portable directed-energy weapon or antenna system or transducer handed to them by an “authority” organization such as a Defense contractor/military branch/Air Force Base/Intelligence agency/Security agency/Law Enforcement agency/Investigation agency/Neighborhood Watch group is being monitored, and will be documented by name and photographic record.

5) Participants in these crimes (deceptively termed “legal”) are hereby informed they are participating in actuality in the crimes of Non-consensual Rape, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Enslavement, Imprisonment, Torture, Sexual Slavery, Persecution, Enforced Disappearance, Bio-Hacking, Bio-Communications, Neuro-Hacking, Psychological Trauma, Physical Trauma/Assault, and Criminal Bodily Trespass—all of which are Crimes Against Humanity, as described above.

6) Participants in these crimes are also hereby informed that Crimes Against Humanity they are recruited into performing, whether conducted and protected under cover of “National Security,” “in protection of the Homeland,” “legitimate military/criminal justice experimentation,” “research projects,” “socio-behavioral research,” “social engineering,” or “legitimate investigation,” are still, and primarily, Crimes Against Humanity, and will be prosecuted as such.

7) Participants in these Crimes Against Humanity—whether salaried employee of an organization as described above or paid/unpaid community volunteer–can both anticipate criminal charges, continuous written and photographic documentation of their actions and words, and open publication at any time online and otherwise of their names, photographs, and places of residence and employment.

SIGNED: The Members of the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team

Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D, Particle Physics (Oxford); Former CERN Physicist, Publisher: Stop 007

Karen Melton-Stewart, Retired NSA Intelligence Analyst

Dr. Millicent Black, Doctorate: Christian Education and Social Justice

Melanie Vritschan, Founder, ICATOR (International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings)

Ramola D, Press Officer, Journalist, Author, Publisher: The Everyday Concerned Citizen

POSTED: 30 August 2017





16 responses to “World Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons

  1. Thank you immensely, Dianne, for standing up for Americans, and for your vocal and financial support of this site. Given your US Army background, I would be very interested in covering your experience in an article or interview (or podcast conversation), do not hesitate to write when ready to publicize: Sustained public exposure will most definitely rout these illegal programs. Thanks so much for distributing this Notice.


  2. Dianne Renee Chandler
    Thank you Crime Fighters and Investigators for exposing these Crimes Against Humanity. No one deserves this torture and enslavement, NO ONE! This Notice is significant and I will be glad to distribute it. I am sickened by the Army attacking me from Redstone Arsenal, making me a designated enemy in their Nazi Electronic Concentration Camp in Valhermoso Springs and Lacey’s Spring, Alabama, turning a rural area into their electronic playground full of TEST SUBJECTS. They thought they would kill me before I found answers on the website. As a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel IT IS MY DUTY TO EXPOSE THIS TAKEOVER OF HUMANITY BY OUR MILITARY AND INTELIGENCE SERVICES.

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  3. I am also a victim of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL psychotronic harassment & imprisonment . I believe this is a system designed by the Masonic State as a part of their ‘scientific’ control of the human race . This scientific control centres on the use of socialized Illusions via education and propaganda . Essentially they create the ‘social reality’ since the Gov has the fear of power via technology , to include or exclude and individuals . One way of excluding an individual (apart from financial) is by making them act weird through the use of psychotronic systems and of course making their lives so miserable that they don’t out in public .
    This Shadow Gov’s first wall of social control is generated by socializing propaganda of ILLUSIONS , generated by MSM propaganda and fake news and fake history . By socializing people in this manner they become unable to make independent assessment as to what is actually real and what is made-up or and Illusion , especially the young . [ Knowing social ‘reality’ takes a lot of information and strong mind for logic and living experience called wisdom . Much social reality is culturally transmitted it is social behavioural reality of society etiquette (anti social behaviour will get you excluded) the other is of course survival reality , access to shelter ,food and peace of mind and not being psycotronically harassed or gang stalked or tailed .]

    Thus to manipulate society , we have fake events (false flags) that the Masonic Gov (Illuminati department of via military arm ) creates for social justifications of Gov actions . Thus we have this Orwellian situation now in Western Countries where our Gov are setting up a surveillance state to ‘protect’ our freedoms , in the name of ‘public safety’ . Which in reality is absurd because any person with access to a car can become a terrorist .

    But having eroded social reality to such a degree by this year 2017 (eg transgender marriage and MC/PC thinking ) , common people become helpless at arguing against The State primarily because cultural reality has become very confused by the promotion of PC and MC divisions within Western societies by the Masonic Media and the education system (many useful idiots there) . Essentially the state is playing both sides of the debates they themselves have setup using the MSM , to further their own program of NWO . The game right at this moment 2017 I believe it to discredit the democratic gov structure so they can get rid of it and replace it with something more ‘scientific’ ; think test tubes as the eventual end game of a scientific gov . To do this these Masonics need to lock society down for a couple of decades till those who remember a society not MC/PC divided and weird have died off or too old to struggle . The book ‘The brave new world’ really does seem to be a template . The opening of this lockdown might well be the coming financial disintegration of the US $ and the Russia’s our enemy fake news . Time will soon tell .
    This is not an off the cuff rave but ideas I have thought for at least a couple of years as I have pieced together the philosophical mosaic of past present and future ( and why I have been extensively harassed in many forms ) . Particularly after seeing this ridiculous ‘Russian hacked the US election ‘ fake news propaganda put out by the all Western Press agencies .
    Only via social/political philosophical insights can we see what is going on . To prove it via information becomes a hopeless swamp of rhetoric .

    Hope this might help others battling with our criminal shadow gov .

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  4. I found the PDF download. I’ve noticed parts of the articles disappeared from my iPhone connection. (Surveillance perps repeatedly hack my iPhone) Thanks. Dianne Renee Chandler


  5. Can we download this as a PDF ?
    Dianne Renee Chandler


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  7. Dear Ramola D. Hope OK posted great work above on my site. Sincerely,

    On 8 September 2017 at 02:37, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & > Neuro/Bio Weapons Notice of Criminal Trespass Notice of Theft of > Intellectual Property Notice of Impending Criminal Charges Notice to One is > Notice to All 28 August, 2017 “…(T)he prohibition of crimes” >


  8. Please feel free to post the Notice, Natalie, absolutely. Meant to be shared. Great that you are writing a book–thank you. We need books. Wd. love to read your draft, pl. send on. So sorry you are being hit too. These jerks don’t seem to know it yet–but their game’s up. Their crimes WILL be prosecuted. More power to you!


  9. Hi Ramola, I have contacted you previously. My name is Natalie Moore and I am a victim based in the U.K. I have also been in touch with Seven, also in the U.K. My book documenting my torture over the past 19 years (half my life) is almost due completion. I plan to devote my time to trying to promote/sell this book both to raise awareness and for financial reasons as I am unable to find employment like most victims. I am writing to seek permission to include your ‘notice of crimes against humanity’ in my book. I know you said to repost is ok but can I print it. I can send a rough draft of the book if you’d like to read it , although it’s 50,000 words.

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  10. Why, why, why is there no classaction lawsuit all the way to supreme court if necessary. A few litigants could start it, such as you techno crime fighters. Orhers could join later if they can prove their situation somehow.


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  12. Amazing information in your slideshow. I’d like very much to speak with you further. Please contact me via email:


  13. Thank you for exposing these crimes against innocent citizens. We are tortured for their financial gain and world dominance, it has to stop.
    May God bless us targeted.
    Proof (aka.Alan)

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    On Sep 8, 2017 03:39, “The EveryDay Concerned Citizen” wrote:

    Ramola D posted: “Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons Notice of Criminal Trespass Notice of Theft of Intellectual Property Notice of Impending Criminal Charges Notice to One is Notice to All 28 August, 2017 “…(T)he prohibition of crimes”


  15. Hi I am a victim of organized gang stalking electronic microwave and radiation torture! THIS IS THE Biggest Crime IN AMERICA! NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD EVER EXPERIENCE THIS INHUMAN TORTURE! I am fighting every single day! I want these horrific evil programs Stopped immediately! I feel all Victims should be compensated for this inhuman horrific torture! I feel my Neighbors are recruited and have these Weapons and I believe they have perpetrators staying in there homes and using these weapons on my father and I! These weapons can give brain tumours! THESE EVIL HORRIFIC PROGRAMS HAVE TO STOP IMMEDIATELY!


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