Podcast: As Congress Buys Into More War, CODEPINK Becomes the Conscience of America

Peace, Not War

Dispatches from the Underclass

On this week’s episode of Unauthorized Disclosure Kevin Gozstola and I speak with retired Army colonel and former US diplomat Ann Wright of CODEPINK Women for Peace about the group’s protests against the Obama administration’s ISIS bombing campaign.  (Download the episode here or subscribe for free on iTunes here).

More about the episode from Kevin:

The past week was filled with officials coming before members of Congress to sell President Barack Obama’s strategy for escalating war in Iraq and Syria. It worked. Congress approved the arming and training of rebel forces in Syria to fight ISIS. However, this did not take place without members of Congress hearing some voices of dissent loud and clear.

CODEPINK Women for Peace managed to convince a group of people to be at almost all of the hearings on combating ISIS. They held up pink signs that could be seen behind officials like Secretary…

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One response to “Podcast: As Congress Buys Into More War, CODEPINK Becomes the Conscience of America

  1. Awaneechildren

    Great article! It is about time the people in this region wake up to the horrible realities we live in. This is a well written petition to all, it is an awesome informative piece all should ponder. I’ve wondered what it’s be like if all those who are aware of these tactics could show up at their city council meetings simply to give information to their local officials. It’d seem a lot of them have signed up to these protocols or remediation protocols without a clue. There are other solutions out there…not mass killing.


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